Where Can Dental Assisting Take You?

Soon, you can have years of dental assisting experience under your belt. You might come to a place in your career where you will have the desire to reach out toward goals that will utilize different skills you possess.

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Fortunately, your career is part of the enormous scope of dentistry-related jobs, so there is a bounty of choices available from which you can make your selection. Working as a chair side dental assistant provides immeasurable knowledge of the world of dentistry that may be taken advantage of when you desire to redirect your focus.

Your experience of being chair side will cement your expert knowledge of dentistry terms, a vocabulary that would be a necessity to have in any other aspect of dentistry-related jobs. The capacity of chair side assisting will expose you to the hands-on, exact knowledge of what, in fact, takes place in most dental procedures.

You will experience it with your own eyes and it becomes a part of you as the true grasp enriches your understanding of the field of dentistry. That experience alone could easily qualify you for other positions. Since you will record so much of what takes place to be passed onto billing, an awareness of billing procedures would naturally occur.

Now that codes are generally used in your reports, becoming familiar with them would be equally likely. Also, this role is often in charge of supplies, acclimating them to the physical needs of a dentist’s office.

The bottom line is, it makes complete sense that your experience , regardless of the exact position, will bring you a comprehensive understanding of the dental field.

Such knowledge can easily qualify you for alternative lateral moves simply for the sake of keeping your career fresh and anew. And it would behoove a dentist to consider you as an excellent candidate for administrative positions if that has become a change you desire.

To What Kind of Jobs Might You Move?

If you read our article “An Interview With a Dental Assistant” you would see that some dental offices have, as a part of their employment and staffing procedures, a cross training program. This is a wise move, enabling dental assistants to obtain a richer understanding of the goals and objectives that exist throughout the dental office.

In such an environment a dental assistant becomes privy to procedures within the administrative field, including billing practices, policies and dealings with the insured and uninsured. With such a course of action, this job could easily transform into an administrative position if desired.

Boldly Go

Take the initiative in interviews for dental assisting jobs to ask about advancement opportunities and express that you may have such aspirations in the years to come.

That will let your employer know that you are one who plans to stick around, as well as showing yourself to be an ambitious employee who prefers to be forward moving; not one to become stagnant and apathetic in their performance.

Consider the benefits in communicating your goals and aspirations during an interview, but be sure to temper it with the appropriate appreciation for and dedication to the position being offered to you presently. You merely want to plant the seed that you will be one who reaches out for quality in your career.

Further Education

We are living in a time when people commonly take classes, while working and gaining experience within their field, in order to qualify for advancement.

If you are serious about reaching out into other areas, then continuing your education is most likely for you. Not only is that a very wise move on your part, many employers offer repayment plans for those willing to stay abreast with new information.

Since you are moving into the dental assisting field at this time, during its unprecedented growth spurt, you possess more options than average. Don’t hesitate to ask about educational programs offered at the facility in which you are interviewing.

Even if the answer is not currently affirmative, expressing interest may nudge an employer to consider it as part of their future agenda.

With whatever qualifications you shoot for currently, while being educated anyway, you may as well educate yourself on logical steps forward within the dental assisting field. Take advantage of counselors who can point you in the direction of easily obtainable opportunities for advancement.

Perhaps just another couple courses, taken now or later on, will gain you access into another facet of your expertise. During interaction with professors, ask them for information and direction about advancements as well. They may bring different knowledge and perspectives than your advisement counselor provides.

A World Waiting For You

There are just a few things you need to know to begin reaching for the intriguing opportunities that this career brings. It’s easy to get started.

Dental assistant colleges want you now and look to accommodate you, your schedule, and your needs. You will easily find a college with classes beginning soon, and, of course, there is no time like the present!

Financial aid is abundant. Start enrollment processes today and begin your journey to the career you know you deserve!-5-18-24


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