Unexpected Perk in Dental Assisting: Being the Hero

A mother of four children, who dutifully took care of her children’s dental and oral health, spent plenty of time in dental offices.

She believes that the dental assistant was the hero of the dental office. Nancy offered her reflections on how much she valued and appreciated the parts played by the dentist assistant that she came to know well.

Nancy had grown up with an older sister working as a dental assistant, and so was aware of the endless reasons to take good care of her children’s teeth and oral health. It took her no time at all to see that the trained assistants were those who greased the wheels of a smoothly running dental office. They were was always the one putting the special touches into every visit and making people happy to return.

Their dentist assistant, Libby, was the one who brought everybody to ease; she was the one who was great with the children, and used her people skills and common sense in making the kids feel safe and alleviating fears. She had a great disposition.

Her friendliness and ability to make anything seem fun went a long way in making the young patients feel both important and comfortable. Nancy said it also went far in putting her own anxieties to rest, about what her child needed to endure on any given day.

Whether it was through distraction, when the kids were very young, or well-placed humor for the older ones, It was easy to see that Libby was a professional, with the ability to relax anybody who was about to be seen by a dentist. She was the soft one; the kind one who took extra time in exploring what was needed in order for the patient (and their mom) to be at the optimum comfort level for any procedure coming.

Nancy came to realize that it was the dental assistants that set the dentist up for success.

Fortunately, Nancy was able to witness that the doctor did, indeed, realize the value of his assistants, and it showed through his respect for Libby. For that reason, Nancy felt even more safe with the dentist. It was a perfect scenario for a blooming dental business.

A wise dentist will strive for great camaraderie with his assistants, being well aware of the relief that his or her skills provide. The ease of the rapport between the doctor and his team was priceless in making Nancy feel that both she and her children were in great hands.

Since Libby prepped patients for their procedure, it gave her time to answer questions and concerns, and, at times, even discern unspoken fears. As a well-trained dental assistant, she had obviously developed a keen sense of individual needs and had become adept at alleviating anxieties and staving off potential drama resulting from unnecessary surprises manifesting.

She was informative, compassionate and responsive to the individual patient’s needs. She saw to it that the doctor knew any particular fears or problems so that he or she could be sensitive to them as well.

Being one who would usually do follow-up calls to see how the patient was recovering from a procedure, or handling a new adjustment, Libby’s care went a long way in keeping a place in the hearts of those she came in contact with through her career in dental assisting.

It truly caused Nancy to reflect on how rewarding it must be to have a dental assisting career, and has found herself to be an advocate of choosing a career in dental assisting.

Dear in the Patient’s Hearts

This was an account of how one mother immensely appreciated and respected the role of a conscientious assistant. Even though her children are now adults, there are times that they reminisce about how they loved Libby and all of her ways of making trips to the dentist office so easy and even fun.

All of Nancy’s adult children have healthy, positive attitudes about dental care, and she attributes it entirely to having years with a great team of assistants.

Nancy’s final words on the subject were, “Without a doubt, our dental assistant was the hero in our dental office. I would be proud to have a dental assisting career and I may still do it. I definitely recommend it for anybody who wishes for a career with meaning.”

She says, if you are a compassionate people-person who truly cares about others and is interested in making a huge difference in other’s lives, a career in dental assisting should be at the top of your list of considerations. It is now easily attainable for you with most colleges offering excellent programs to fit any needs. Hopefully you will make the right decision while dental assisting is in the height of its growth.

Right now, it is yours for the taking.


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