Dental Assistant Schools: Which is right for you?

Are you looking for Dental Assistant Schools? According to the updates put out from the National Dental Assistant’s Board, Inc. for 2012, 76% of the United States already have passed laws requiring licensing to become a dentist assistant.

dental assistant school

Doing the math, 3 out of 4 states have, by now, already established that certification or licensing is important enough to be a bottom-line requirement; those working in such a specialized field should come from dental assisting schools.

It would be logical to presume that even more states will soon be requiring training from dental assisting programs. Usually such trends do not move in a backward direction, especially when involving education or governmental regulations. It is very likely that that 76% percent will be closer to 100% in the near future.

Recall that even though there are a few states that do not have strict requirements that must be met through taking these kinds of courses, it does not mean that the dentists practicing within those states do not personally require it to be in their employ; it only means there is not a law in place yet to make their preferences a legality.

Necessity of Dental Assistant School

From state to state, more and more dentists have realized how much easier new employee transitions flow when one has come from a dental assisting school.

Common sense can tell us, too, that a professional who put in as many years as one has to become a dentist, he or she would reasonably respect, or even demand, that those acting as their right arm have a the right education.

Also, the education that dentists are requiring of their assistants is a fraction of the time they have devoted to their expertise. Wanting educated personnel by their side is an understandable stipulation.

Experienced Assistants Want Minimum Requirements

Those who have attended specialized schools are some of the biggest advocates for laws that require new assistants to have proper training, licensing, or certifications, so the dentist are not alone in that want.

Knowing that there needs to be so much consideration given to controlling infectious diseases, or the foresight needed in competent chair side assisting, it is no wonder that professionals are giving rapt attention to the advocating of accredited education.

dental assistant schools

An experienced, educated employee knows the time and effort it has taken to hone his or her skills, and it is logical that they would not be pleased to have to train a coworker from scratch.

It is also worthy of consideration that those coming from schools are more qualified for advancement, perhaps even moving into management positions, and they might be actively involved in the hiring process; another good reason to look up the right program to attend.

The seasoned employees in busy dentist offices are aware of the fact that ones coming in who have not been to dental assisting schools are not going to be able to share in some of the tasks that are needed to be done; not for awhile anyway, and for more specialized duties, maybe never.

When they receive “on the job training” we can imagine who does most of the training. It is likely that the experienced, educated employees have to make time in their schedules to do so.

If dentists were to bring in a new assistant, untrained, the senior employees would be well aware of the fact that this new person on the scene is likely going to take up more of their time in the beginning, and for awhile to come. It could be weeks or months before the new assistant is actually bringing relief to the other assistants’ workload.

There we see another good reason why dentist assistants who made the effort to go to a school might campaign for hiring people with more education.

Over 200 Accredited Schools

Twenty years ago, one may have had a burning desire to break into the field of dental assisting but could not work out the logistics of accomplishing an education to jump-start their career.

The changing times and advancement in technologies have drastically revolutionized education, and very thankfully so! The opportunities at our fingertips, both literally and metaphorically are truly amazing, especially with over 200 accredited schools to choose from.

Being accredited means that the school has been officially recognized for it’s academic excellence, so it is an educational institution that has met certain criteria to come highly recommended.

Many colleges also offer fantastic education although they are not specifically touted as schools for dentist assitants. The choices available to you are phenomenal right now for an education in this field.

Here is an eye-opener for those thinking of trying to find their own way into the dental assisting world without proper education: The DANB (Dental Assistant National Board), who can be likened to the Bar Association of dental assistants, (meaning, you have to pass the board’s tests through them) requires a full two years of on the job experience before being able to earn a certification, without prior education.

That speaks volumes of the length of time it would take to become proficient in an assisting position without suitable, previous training and education. Why not just get educated?

For a certainty, your options are vast for obtaining the education you need. Whether you choose one of the dental assistant schools that is online or one where you can attend classroom learning, they have both been simplified for the busiest people.

Often, in the times we live in, we hear of people around us obtaining degrees with little or no recollection of even knowing they were in school. Ask them. It is that easy for one who is willing to make minor adjustments.

Levels of Education

There are scores of options available to you. The stars that you shoot for is completely up to you. There are fast-track courses to certification or you may be one deciding to become licensed. Some schools offer programs where you can become registered.

A registered dentist’s assistant is able to perform more complex tasks that simply aren’t legal to be performed by those with a lesser education. You might think of comparing this to the difference between an LPN and an RN.

This illustrates how the higher education will likely bring more versatility into your work experience and the increased likelihood of a higher salary.

It is exciting to note that there are yet a couple more licensed assistant options for those eager to begin their education. One of these is to become an Expanded Duties dental assistant.

Once the dentist has done the preliminary work of the removal of decay, this assistant is qualified to work on the restoration process with the patient. This includes tasks that could not be done by an untrained or even a certified dentist’s assistant.

You can be a registered dental nurse if you are one truly unafraid to aim for the specialized career moves. In some countries, including areas of the United States, registered dental nurses may able to find themselves in the position to perform teeth whitening, instead of the dentist, yet it is still in a controversial, rather gray area – but that fact alone can bring to mind the power now given to nurse practitioners and physicians’ assistants’.

Find the Right School Now

The fact is, we are in a fast-paced, ever-changing world and it is our decision to either keep up with it by taking advantage of all of the unparalleled opportunities or become the person that spends years starting sentences with “if only” as life passes by.

You cannot be one satisfied with the “if only” tape playing or you would not be reading this. Your wanting must already be in place, so with a little bit of action you will be on your way – today is the day to find the dental assisting college that is best for you.

Right now, this is the time. You are the consumer, you have the power and the choice is all yours; you hold your future, right there in your hands, where it belongs and where it should always be. It is exhilarating and full of very uncomplicated options. You have every reason to believe it is in your reach, and you don’t even have to reach that hard.

Get matched up to the right dental assistant schools for you, choose the particular program precisely for you, whether you want to do it from your home or on campus, pick the schedule that fits around other very important people and endeavors in your life, and in a very short time you will be the one experiencing that fantastic feeling, that awesome knowing of “I did it! I did it!”


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  1. Hi :
    I graduated in Miami,Fl as a Dental Assistant in 2006′. I studied at Compu-Med Vocational Carrier; now i am living in North Carolina, my question is: what do i have to do to validate my certificates here, because I want to work here?

    • Hi Lirenia,

      I would suggest contacting the North Carolina Dental Assisting Board – they’ll be able to tell you what you need to do to validate the proper certificates within the state – here is a link to their website:

      They seem to have both email and phone numbers options – giving them a quick call directly should help speed things up – all the best and good luck!

      • Hi Gabriel, dental assistant schedules will vary depending on the dentist’s schedule, how many dental assistants they have on staff, etc – I don’t believe you would be working every day, but that will depend on what type of schedule you’re on.

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