Average Dental Assisting Salary in New York

Do you currently reside in New York and are considering a future as a dental assistant? Perhaps you don’t currently live in the state but are thinking about moving to NY. Either way, here are some of the statistics that may help you decide whether becoming an assistant would be the right choice. The average…Continue Reading

Dental Assistant Schools: Which is right for you?

Are you looking for Dental Assistant Schools? According to the updates put out from the National Dental Assistant’s Board, Inc. for 2012, 76% of the United States already have passed laws requiring licensing to become a dentist assistant. Doing the math, 3 out of 4 states have, by now, already established that certification or licensing…Continue Reading

Dental Assisting

With a career in dental assisting you can play a valuable role in the dentist’s office. This job goes beyond handing tools to a dentist or checking in patients. You contribute to the overall office atmosphere and quality of service each patient experiences. Visiting a dental office can evoke stress and anxiety for some. As…Continue Reading

How to Become a Dental Assistant

You have decided to pursue your new career as a dental assistant? You know you can do it and you know that you have scores of choices in colleges, levels of education and areas of expertise. You probably even have a pretty good idea of how those different levels of proficiency can affect your range…Continue Reading

Where Can Dental Assisting Take You?

Soon, you can have years of dental assisting experience under your belt. You might come to a place in your career where you will have the desire to reach out toward goals that will utilize different skills you possess. Fortunately, your career is part of the enormous scope of dentistry-related jobs, so there is a…Continue Reading

Dental Assistant Training

Any job a person gets requires some training, even if it is where to put a certain product or tool or what time something is to be started or finished. You can see a sign spinner and know that he has received training before going out to his corner. Any of us could come up…Continue Reading

Dental Assistant Salary: How much can you make?

So, what is a reasonable dental assistant salary? How much better can it get than when we have found that job that truly makes us feel valued? It is all too well known that people spend year after year in positions that lack feelings of challenge or triumph, let alone appreciation or even mere gratitude.…Continue Reading

An Interview With a Dental Assistant

We wanted to have an interview with a dental assistant, and Jeanne was happy to speak with us. Jeanne spent years in this role and eventually moved into an administrative position. Let’s take a look at some thoughts from someone who spent over 20 years in the business. What was the most rewarding part of…Continue Reading

Are There Male Dental Assistants?

Once, there had never been a female research scientist, or dentist. At one time, there had never been a male flight attendant or childcare provider. Such is not the case in our modern society. There are females working as pilots and mail carriers and males working as nurses and secretaries. Yes, of course, there are…Continue Reading

Dental Assistant Jobs

What an exciting time it is for those giving thought to becoming a dentist assistant – throughout the last several decades it has frequently become known that different professions have boomed at certain periods. You may recall when word was out that schoolteachers were needed, or x-ray technicians, massage therapists or nurses. It doesn’t take…Continue Reading

Dental Assistant Job Description

What does a dental assistant do? First off, they do not clean teeth. However, they are an essential part to any dental practice. Here we share what to expect your role will be in this type of job. People tend to think of teeth cleaning as the primary duty, however you will find the two…Continue Reading

Unexpected Perk in Dental Assisting: Being the Hero

A mother of four children, who dutifully took care of her children’s dental and oral health, spent plenty of time in dental offices. She believes that the dental assistant was the hero of the dental office. Nancy offered her reflections on how much she valued and appreciated the parts played by the dentist assistant that…Continue Reading

An Interview With A Male Dental Assistant

Ken has never been overly concerned about stereotypes. He has not lived his life trying to conform, so as to blend in with society’s expectations. Ken was not from a background where such things were pushed on him either. Ken was raised believing that he could be whatever he wanted to be when he grew…Continue Reading

Dental Assistant vs. Dental Hygienist, Day-to-Day

Although the two are commonly confused, dental assistants and dental hygienists have some remarkable differences in their roles. Depending on the office where they are employed, how established and well staffed it is, you may find some overlap in background duties, but they are definitely two distinct careers. Dental Hygienists The specialty of the dental…Continue Reading

What Should I Look For In a Dental Assistant School?

While acknowledging that the term “accredited” is thrown around quite a bit within the world of education, it is common to give little thought to what that actually means. Yet we still might know that it is something we want in a college offering dental assistant training. The definition of the word “accredit” found at…Continue Reading

Top 5 Reasons For Choosing a Dental Assistant Career

When looking to take a certain career path, we all want to know we’re making the right decision – here are the top 5 reasons and benefits of choosing a career as a dental assistant: #1 – Job Availability Since we are looking at some very basic, common sense issues about dental careers, it is…Continue Reading