Are There Male Dental Assistants?

Once, there had never been a female research scientist, or dentist. At one time, there had never been a male flight attendant or childcare provider. Such is not the case in our modern society.

male dental assistant, close-up

There are females working as pilots and mail carriers and males working as nurses and secretaries. Yes, of course, there are also male dental assistants!

Thankfully, we live in a time where gender boundaries in career choices are melting away. Finally, society is shedding the stereotypes of male or female career roles.

If you do not already know a male dental assistant, or if you haven’t seen men working in this role for yourself, ask around; you will likely hear from one of your friends that they have.

Dental Assistance – A Well Rounded Choice

It makes sense that males would make great assistants. It is a career with a wide range of opportunities, varying positions, and personal rewards to be enjoyed.

Albeit society as a whole is still coming around to the idea of admitting that men have feelings too, most of understand that guys also find satisfaction in jobs where they can make a real difference in others’ lives.

Dental assisting is certainly a career where that contentment and employment can be found regardless of gender.

Keeping With the Times

Dental assisting was a difficult field for women to break into in the first place. It was not considered woman’s work at all! Women were not thought to be tough enough for the tasks at hand.

The reasons it temporarily gravitated toward a female-dominate profession are many, and it is not likely they can all be counted, let alone analyzed. But that point is nearly moot now, because such gender lines are diminishing about as quickly as we can have a conversation about them.

Wherever there are teeth, there are needs for dentistry. Where there is dentistry there is the need for dentist assistants, male or female. Needless to say, as growing awareness about the importance of oral and dental care rises, the opportunities stay many for those seeking careers in this field.

Professionals who are conscious of the trends know that it is necessary that they do not appear to be stuck in the dark ages. As part of an employer’s need to be mindful of hiring with fairness and equality, they know that it behooves them to keep a good balance in staffing men and women.

It can’t be just talk, they must walk the walk and strive for a gender-balanced staff that does not put off societal expectations!

Further Exciting Careers For Dental Assistance

Don’t forget that not all assistants spend their career chair side; there is a world of options behind the scenes as well.

Many educated and specially trained dental assistants are used in other capacities that are as well very rewarding. Government agencies and hospitals are among the variety of establishments that often have several on staff.

Few, if any of us, have not heard of Doctors Without Boarders, but dentists? Yes, by way of your favorite search engine you can see that there exists Dentists Without Boarders.

So for those looking for even more adventure in their career, dental assisting for Dentists Without Borders may be for you.

Dentists are in all branches of the military, where the gender majority is obviously still male. The dentist office doesn’t shut down because they need a lady in there.

Male dental assisting has been utilized for many years. Male or female, a career in dental assisting through the Army, Air Force, Navy or Marines can be added to the list of possibilities.

If you are a man, and you are reading this, you may even have an added benefit. It is human nature to find refreshment in change, and the traits that you bring could be exactly what an employer is searching for, putting you in the #1 position for being hired.

There are a plethora of options for education and training, and colleges are eager to have you too! You can, without doubt, find the program to fit your current situation – male or female, a career in dental assisting is a wise choice! See for yourself – apply for classes today.


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